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There are many online music platforms but there is one which has been shown to be the best. This is none other than the Spinrilla. It is an online platform that allows mainly rap and hip-hop artists to be able to have a chance of uploading their music especially mixtapes and at the same time give users a chance of being able to download music or stream the music. The more many users download the music or stream the music the more the artists are likely to get more popular thus making their music grow. One advantage is that there is no limitation of the mixes to be downloaded and it does not require you to subscribe or pay anything. This platform has an advantage in that it does not necessarily need an internet connection always as you can use an application to listen to the music in absence of an internet connection.

This is wonderful. Therefore, if you are an artist or you are a member of a certain music group you should be looking out for Spinrilla to grow your music and be known to the people who visit the site. It has been shown that the more streams or views your music will have it is likely to attract even more views. So what happens to the music that has fewer streams? One of the things that the artists are doing is to buy Spinrilla streams. This has been shown to have very positive effects on the music growth.

How to place mixtape on Spinrilla

You have heard about Spinrilla but you could wonder how the whole process of placing the mixtape on the site goes on. It is a simple method but sometimes it usually becomes hard for various artists. Whenever you happen to browse the website you are likely to find very many mixtapes already uploaded but with no any guidance on how you can upload your music. There are many ways to place your music on the site so that at last your music will have more views and streams. Remember, for any artist placing new music on the site, the aim is to have many visitors to stream the music in order the music can become popular. These ways are explained here.

Applying for an account

This one usually requires you to follow the steps provided and fill in a form. This one usually requires filling in your details and actually it is the simplest to do. The problem is that it does not work very fast in uploading probably because there are many people who are trying to use the method.

Pay someone

This is another way to ensure you upload your video on Spinrilla. It will require you to pay someone rather than having to wait for so long to have an approval of your account. This one will be advantageous in that it will help to save time but at the same time some of the drawbacks is that it will lead to more expenses. Its use will depend on whether you have extra cash to spend or not. However, at last, your music will reach the audience and they will stream the music

Building a brand

This method has been shown to be one of the methods that progress slowly. However, this method is one of those that seem to flow in a natural way. This method is usually recommended for people who want to show that they have some important or special in them. Therefore, it will not be a very important method whenever you are looking for a way to make your music grow or have the people who visit the site stream your music.

Creating a network with Spinrilla

This is very important since it will help create great opportunities for your music. This is because there is a possibility of having your own account which will help you to be uploading your own videos. One rule that you will have to follow is that you ensure the relationship is beneficial to each party and your music will grow and have many streams and views. For sure when you do this, your music will reach a bigger mass.

Spinrilla streams

Whenever visitors browse the site they are usually interested in streaming or downloading the music. One thing that attracts people or audience to your music is the number of streams your music has. This is because people are likely to go for what seems to be supported by others. Therefore, Spinrilla is a very good platform in that it assists new artists who upload new music to have more streams by giving them a chance to buy Spinrilla streams.

They should ensure that, when doing this, they choose a very reliable firm and this will help their music grow. Spinrilla marketing services also offer packages whereby you can buy streams depending on your pocket. Through buying streams, you will be able to reach many audience within a very short time.

!! Note: You can pay with your Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card too with paypal even if you don't have a PayPal account !!

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